Gangjin Korean Table d'hote

Representative dish of Gangjin's fields and sea in a table

Gangjin's Korean table d'hote of delicacies even comparable to the royal table is the ultimate table that presents the abundant tastes of Namdo.

Gangjin, located at the edge of the Korean Peninsula, has often served as a place of exile of noblemen and royal family during the Joseon Dynasty due to its distance from the court. It is known that court ladies who followed to the place of exile taught secret recipes of royal table and this became the origin of Gangjin Korean table d'hote. Side dishes are cooked in diverse methods such as grilling, griddling pancakes, stir-frying, making cold slices, boiling down, frying, making salad, making cooked salad, boiling vegetables, deep-frying, boiling stew and steaming. The combination of splendid royal table and Gangjin's folk dishes created tasty and colorful Korean table d'hote.

  • Barley Dried Yellow CorvinaBarley Dried Yellow Corvina
  • Beef TartareBeef Tartare
  • Meat Griddle PancakeMeat Griddle Pancake
  • Fermented Skate and Steamed Pork Slices Served with KimchiFermented Skate and Steamed Pork Slices Served with Kimchi
  • AbaloneAbalone
  • Fresh Raw FishFresh Raw Fish

Gangjin Korean Table d'hote

Fresh agricultural products from Gangjin's fields and abundant fisheries products from Gangjinman Bay create a balanced table in side dishes. Gangjin Korean table d'hote is Gangjin's representative premium cuisine.