Geumgoksa Temple Cherry Blossom Trail Picnic

In Gangjin is the Cherry Blossom Trail in Ggachinaejae of Geumgoksa Temple where the 'Gangjin Gundong Geumgoksa Temple Cherry Blossom Trail Picnic' begins. This place, a site of an old legend of Gangjin people, is located in a view point of Gangjin, and is a famous tourist destination of Gangjin. Geumgoksa Temple is famous among many wanderers. Since there are cherry blossom tunnels ranging from bottom of the mountain to the peak, the blossoming periods vary slightly. Beginning from the Gangjin Sports Complex, you can ride by car to the peak of the mountain, and because there are cherry trees along the road, you can choose to slowly walk along the cherry blossom trail instead of driving. At night, cherry flowers look even more beautiful under splendid lighting, and it is a good place to walk and make memories with loved ones, family and friends.

Take a stroll in cherry blossom rain!

Festival Overview

  • Festival : Cherry Blossom Picnic Trail in Geumgoksa Temple, Gundong, Gangjin
  • Period : April each year
  • Venue : Geumgoksa Temple, Gundong, Gangjin
  • cherry blossom
  • cherry blossom
  • cherry blossom