Thank you for visiting Gangjin-gun,
the no. 1 Namdo exploration destination!

I welcome you with all of my heart!

Gangjin-gun is

a region filled with various tourist attractions including 'Goryeo Celadon Museum', the cradle of Goryeo celadon, 'Dasan Chodang' , the historic site of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong , 'Gaudo', one of Korea's top 100 tourist destinations, 'Jeolla Byeongyeongseong', and a sacred place for the spirit of Korea's patriotic spirit, as well as mouthwatering Namdo food including Korean full course meals, hoechuntang (chicken and seafood soup).

We will create a miracle in Gangjin, growing the actual income and population in the county, by attracting 5 million tourists every year and generating new jobs based on the 4th industrial revolution. We promise to listen to the voices of our citizens.

Thank you.