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  • Temple Muwee

    Temple Muwee

    According to historical researches, Temple Muwee was originally founded as Gwaneumsa Temple by Great Master Wonhyo in year 39 of Silla Jinpyeong King (A.D. 617). However, this theory lacks specific grounds.

  • House of Dasan

    House of Dasan

    Dasanchodang located at the side of Manduk-mountain overlooking Kangjinman is the place where Dasan Jung yak-young wrote Mokminsimsuh, Kyungseyupyo, Humhumsinsuh including other 600 books for about 10 years during his 18-year exile period.

  • Celadon Museum

    Celadon Museum

    Daegu-myeon, Gangjin-gun, in Jeollanam-do, is "home to Goryeo Celadon". It was produced in the area from 9th to the 14th centuries.



  • Temple Baekryeon

    The original name of Temple Baekryeon was Mandeoksan Baekryeon Temple and it had been called Mandeoksa until the late joseon Dynasty.

  • ByungYeong

    Jeolla-byeongyeong-Sacred Palace was built in 1417(King Taejong year 17). Until The Gab-O-Gyung-Jang Political Reform in 1895(King Gojong year 32) it had been...

  • Buddhist

    The triad buddha is a statue of early joseon period and is laying in state in Geukrakbojun in Temple Muwee. Although it is made out of wood,...


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